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Welcome to my life :)

So now, everyone knows that Shah is my EX- . And , Alhamdullilah I can go through my days without him. With the help of this someone special that is now, officially my boyfriend. We've started dating daysssssss ago but I'm not ready to tell this to anyone since we've just known each other. Who is this guy actually ? Okay, do you remember Mamat ? I've mentioned his name for a few times in my blog. He's Daus' friend. Remember him ? He's the one and Alhamdullilah we haven't have any fights yet and I really really hope we won't.

Last week, we met and dated somewhere around Taman Daya. It's a secret place :) Time flies so fast. I miss him already now.

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Yusz Daniel. He's one of my guy-best-friend. He finally found someone that can replace 'her' . May your relationship with Nabiella lasts forever. Take a good care of her. And andd, don't forget me please T.T Hihi.

Farahin. Dah getback ? Didn't tell me ? Great job :') hihi. Nvm . I get it I get it. Don't worry sayang, I'm okay. Stop worrying okay. Its not that I'll hate you. Chill out baby :**

So, overall, I'm happy with my new life. New book. New chapter. New everything. Pray for my success. 8A's in my PMR and success in life. InsyaAllah. Amin. Thanks guys. May Allah bless all of you :*