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Moving on 

Assalamualaikum 

First of all, Salam Ramadhan guys ! Oh wait, I'm not too late right ? Hihi. Lagi 2 more days nk masuk bulan Syawal but now baru aku sibuk nk wish. Haha. Well, budak busy dengan trial PMR kan. Hihi. So, talking about trial, gosh ! Some of the papers were so freaking tough. And now, aku rasa macam dekattttttttttttt sangat dengan PMR. But, since we're going to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri this next two days, I'm gonna hv fun though its just fr a while.

So back to the title. I'm trying my best to move on without, you know, Shah. Cause yknow wht, I'm feeling stupid fr waiting him. He's happy with his life and why am I stupid enough to be sad. Right ? I'm just too tired of all this. The name tag I bought for him, heh, I've break it into pieces and gave it to Farahin. Burn it for me sayang. I realised something you know. The name tag was written 'Ariff Gotcha'. Gotcha... Gotcha... Got-Cha... Got Cha...

Haha. So what ? I've decided to move on and I won't be stupid enough to be moving back. Oh and yeah. A bitch met me and asked about Shah. Looks like you're interested in him. Go on. Yes, I was jealous before but now, nahh. Theres no use of being jealous :)

So rather than being sad, I'm going to be happy and I'm gonna live my young life cause we're only young once 

Oh btw, I wanna tell you what happened when I was answering my English Paper 2 for the trial. I've NEVER been so scared when answering any English questions but suddenly I was so scared to answer the trial question though I knew what the answer is, I'm still afraid. And the time I was searching fr the points fr the last section ((summary)), my stomach hurts badly and I was like so freaking crazy in there. Thank God, there were still time left and so, I rushed to le' toilet and went back into the classroom and finish my summary.

Lastly, for the upcoming Eid, I wish all of you Happy Eid and May Allah bless you. Ramadhan will be missed. I seek for fogiveness frm all of you. Feel free to come to my house for Hari Raya. All of you are invited to my house. If I'm going to make any Open House, I'll inform you guys. So bye and Assalamualaikum 